Grass Turf, Sandyloam Topsoil and Ornamental Bark

Does your Lawn or Garden need a new lease of life?

Grass Turf and Soil from Medway Landscapes is what you need!

Grass Turf and Sandyloam Topsoil Supplied, Delivered, and Fitted for your Lawn or Garden. High Grade Quality and Local Grown Grass Turf, Sandyloam Topsoil and Ornamental Bark in Medway, Kent. Call 01634 388899 or use our Contact Form.

Grass Turf is priced by the metre. The sizes of our grass turf can vary, as we harvest from our own fields and also at different times of the season, we may even buy in grass turf from other good quality grass turf suppliers if appropriate. (When you call 01634 388899 or email the office to place an order, please request the current sizes of our grass turf.)

So how much grass turf do you need for your Lawn or Garden? Measure the required area in Square Metres (for measurements in feet, please contact the office and we’ll happily work it out for you). For larger orders we can arrange a forklift delivery (on request). Here’s an example: 3m x 5m = 15m

We do have a minimum delivery of 10 square metres of grass turf delivered locally from our Rainham Kent depot, unless we have grass turf deliveries booked in your area, so please ring our office to check. You are also welcome to pre-book small amounts of grass turf for collection at our nursery in Berengrave Lane, Rainham, Kent. Please call 01634 388899 for a price including delivery.

Areas not local to our Rainham Kent depot will have minimum grass turf delivery requirements, selected delivery days or an additional haulage charge may apply. Please call 01634 388899, or use our Contact Form for details.


Grass Turf and Soil in Medway Kent


Grass Turf and Soil in Medway Kent

Top Turf Tips

Here are the Medway Landscapes Top Turf Tips on Laying Lawns and Gardens. Please feel free to print this online resource and pass it on to your friends and neighbours. Remember, if you want quality grass turf delivered to your door in Medway, then please give us a call on 01634 388899.

  • Clear the ground first, removing ALL the old grass. Good preparation of the ground is as important as laying good quality turf.
  • Rotovate or dig over the ground, braking up the soil, raking away stones, seedpods, weeds and plant roots.
  • Check your soil – If the soil in your lawn or garden is of poor quality, or has a heavy clay or chalk content, you will require topsoil. Laying grass turf on poor quality soil will affect the lawn growth. (Medway Landscapes can supply you with good quality local topsoil to suit your turf).
  • Level the ground, pack down the earth, then rake it even.
  • If you require extra topsoil, we recommend laying our nutrient rich sandyloam topsoil.
  • Never lay grass turf over existing lawn, concrete, or rubble surface.
  • If you intend using a weed killer before laying a new lawn, be aware to use the correct chemical that will not kill your newly laid lawn or garden.
  • If you have more than 1 area in need of grass turf, measure the areas separately.
  • Please don’t count fence panels or guess, as this is not an accurate measurement and only leads to disappointment and frustration.
  • When ordering soil from Medway Landscapes (if your filling a medium/large hole) take into account that the soil will settle and you may need to ‘top it up’ in order to bring it up to the same surface level, if you intend to later add turf to the area you have just filled in.
  • When you’re laying soil and grass turf adjacent to a path, lay the soil to the same height as the path and then turf on top, as it will settle.
  • Do not leave grass turf rolled up in warm or hot weather, as it will go yellow and rot.
  • Watering rolled up grass turf in warm/hot weather will accelerate the rotting process.
  • Use a long board to stand on whilst laying your grass turf to prevent sunken footprints and uneven lawn surfaces.
  • Try not to walk on your newly laid lawn for as long as you can, Medway Landscapes suggest between 2-3 weeks.
  • Lay each piece as if you were building a wall of bricks (where each adjacent piece of turf is staggered).
  • If you are turfing an irregular shaped area, you will end up with a lot of cutt offs. To prevent running out of turf when you are half way through the job, order extra rolls when you place your order with Medway Landscapes, and try to re-use the cutt offs (they should all knit together).
  • When you have finished laying your turf on your lawn and garden, saturate it straight away with water, and then water it daily for 2-3 weeks, or until it is well rooted. Do not rely on rainfall as it is rarely adequate.
  • If your grass turf starts shrinking soon after it was laid, it’s a simple case of not enough water. Give it a good soak.
  • When you first mow your lawn and garden after 2-3 weeks, be careful not to cut it too short.
  • To keep your lawn and garden in good condition in the coming years, it will require a weed and feed fertilizer mid-late spring and again towards the end of early summer.
  • To prevent a heavily soaked lawn and garden in winter (which may lead to the lawn producing a moss surface), in early autumn, spike the lawn to help water drainage and apply moss killer if required.

When you have finished laying your lawn, you may want to consider adding some nice ornamental bark to your plant bedding, Medway Landscapes offer ornamental bark, give us a ring on 01634 388899 to discuss your needs. If these tips are useful, feel free to print them out and pass a copy to your family, friends and neighbours.